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Disney Scenery Porn ⌘ Cinderella (part 1)
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Gorges du Tarn, France | Kevin Lyp-stenger
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11 Questions!

I was tagged by the lovely fitmunk so here goes:

Rule One: Always post the rules.

Rule Two: Answer the questions asked by your tagger and ask eleven more.

Rule Three: Tag eleven people and link them to this post.bucket full of soz

Rule Four: Actually tell them you tagged them.

  1. If you could pick one person from tumblr to take on a date, who would you pick?
    There’s a lot of you but gosh darn it… trumpmydoubt.
  2. What are the next 3 things you plan to watch on Netflix?
    My backwards, bogan country doesn’t have netflix. Reblog if you cried.
  3. Favorite classic Disney cartoon Character?
    Donald is my boo.
  4. What fictional world or character would you love to be real?
    Too many great Disney choices to choose from so I’m going with the universe of CLAMP’s Tsubasa. Endless possibilities. And magic. Can’t go wrong with magic.
  5. You have to walk the red carpet in an hour, who do you have as your date (for our purposes, assume they WILL say yes, all you have to do is ask) 
    Does it have to be a celebrity? Hmmm… Lee Pace?
  6. Favorite black and white movie
    Dare I say it I’ve only seen three… but Rodger & Hammerstein’s Cinderella starring Julie Andrews.
  7. Who is, in your opinion, the most underrated Movie or TV actor?
    I’d have to say… all voice actors. Particularly the great voices that gave life to our favourite Disney princesses growing up, be they talking or singing, that so many people don’t even know the names of. Shout out to the greats like Jodi Benson, Judy Kuhn, Linda Larkin, Lea Salonga and so many more.
  8. What is something you get really nostalgic over from your childhood?
    Music. Even if it’s a song I didn’t particularly like growing up but I remember hearing on the radio a lot in the 90s, for some reason I get very emotional.
  9. What is a weird or unusual hobby you’ve picked up?
    …designing new Disney parade concepts in my head?
  10. If you had unlimited cash, what style of house would you build and where?
    I love this question. Victorian manor style, with hidden rooms and passages. Think a haunted mansion but less haunted. Anywhere really, I just want to get out into the “great wide somewhere”, as it were. :)
  11. If you could take all of the danger out of one thing in the world permanently, what would it be? (i.e. Tigers… so that you could cuddle them and have them as pets like Rajah in Aladdin)
    A terrific example and I’m taking it! Adorable but ferocious animals. I just want to hug them.
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Alice in Wonderland (1951)

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