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03:38 PM . 01 December 2012

So I just went to a second-hand record shop, and came back with the sixth season of Greys on DVD, two vintage Disney records, and I got this massive book about The Phantom of the Opera for only $5.00! It’s filled with photos of the costumes and the history of the musical, I love this thing.

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09:09 PM . 11 September 2012

I’ve actually been working on my art history essay… so I have definitely earned a break. Time to watch a musical!

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10:59 PM . 14 March 2012


Just came back from seeing Rent for the first time.




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08:49 PM . 05 March 2012

Belting “Think of Me” and “Point of No Return” like a mofo.

Too bad I don’t see them casting a guy as Christine any time soon

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10:48 PM . 01 December 2011

and love will see me through. Yes, with love on my side I can’t lose.

(Source: gayfaith)

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09:28 PM . 22 November 2011

Opening: Welcome to High School - Principal Gibbons, Ensemble
Sister Christian - Ojai North’s Christian Group
, Marianne
No Such Thing (As A Sexy George)
- Rhiannon, Olive
Get Some Morals -
Marianne, Nina, Olive
Did You Hear? - Ensemble
- Principal Gibbons, Mr. Griffith, Ensemble
Happy Day Mama - Olive, Mrs. Penderghast
This is Today (And It Sucks)
- Brandon
We’re/They’re Totally Doing It - Olive, Brandon, Ensemble
Superslut - Rhiannon
Go Woodchucks - Todd, Woodchucks
This Is Today (Reprise) - Brandon’s friend
Opposite Sex Sex Partner - Mr. and Mrs. Penderghast
My Reputation
- Olive

Did You Hear? (Reprise) - Ensemble
High End Hooker - Mr. and Mrs. Penderghast
I Can Help You - Counselor Griffith
Lobster Todd
- Olive, Todd, Lobster Shack waiters
Back to Mine/Could It Get Worse - Anson, Olive
Fine (I’ll Take The Blame) - Olive
Time to Confess -
Ojai North’s Christian Group, Marianne, Rhiannon
Screw Them All (I Already Have) - Todd, Olive
Looking for Help
- Book store owner, Church woman, Pastor Bryant

Time to Confess
(Reprise) - Olive
I Can’t Help You - Counselor Griffith, Brandon’s friends
What Have I Done - Olive
Dear Student Body - Brandon, Olive

Finale/My Reputation
- Olive, Ensemble

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11:25 PM . 05 July 2011