05:42 PM . 14 August 2012

Time to think realistically about my Art History slide test tomorrow.

If I study all day tomorrow, a should be able to figure out who the artist is just by looking at the painting about half of the time.

For the few works I know a bit better I might remember the name, otherwise I’ll just hope it is one named in English after the subject (e.g. Carriage at the Races).

There is pretty much no chance of me remembering any of the dates.

All in all, I can only help that I can spot enough details to discuss (e.g. broad brush strokes, complementary colours, etc.) to balance out my lack of names/dates.

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10:02 AM . 07 August 2012

So, the essay instructions were just uploaded for my Philosophy course.

The question is literally “life is hard and then you die” ohmygod

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02:00 PM . 09 July 2012

Waiting for my first Theatre and Film Studies lecture to begin, ALREADY SEEN A DISNEY LOGO ON THE SCREEN.

This gon’ be good.

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10:27 PM . 12 June 2012


I just got an email from my Phil139 lecturer. I had gotten an extension for my essay due on the 1st so that I could hand it in on the 5th, but today is the 12th and I still haven’t finished it. There is a 2% penalty per day and I would be up to a 14% penalty now.

She just said that she’s guessing I need a further extension as I haven’t handed it in yet, and she’s willing to give me another extension until the 15th. I could cry. GOOD THINGS DO HAPPEN TO BAD PEOPLE

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02:53 PM . 01 May 2012

Just overheard a girl in the library tell her friend “I ate two M&Ms just before, I’m on such a high.”

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12:32 PM . 30 April 2012

It’s been 30 minutes and my lecturer hasn’t shown up yet…

Screw you, this is my favourite course I’m taking, you could at least tell us you aren’t going to show up.

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07:37 PM . 29 February 2012

A terrific end to a craptacular evening,

My student loan application has finally been accepted! :D

Any day now I will be able to get my Student Card - which means I can join the university gym, get books out from the university library, and finally access the online material I need to for my courses!

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12:31 AM . 27 February 2012

Dear American followers:


For the next five months or so I’ll be reading and writing many an essay on your culture and the idealogy of the “American Dream”. Seriously, you have no idea how interesting you actually are to me.

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10:26 PM . 21 October 2011


I think colleges should offer a course on Disney History. They have at some colleges Harry Potter Theory so Why not Disney History?”.

Dear god yes. I would write twice as many essays as the professor asked me too. Heck I would BE the professor.